DoseVue N.V. was founded in March 2013 by Emiliano D'Agostino and the Belgian Nuclear Research Center (SCK•CEN, 

DoseVue is the first spin-off company at SCK•CEN, an internationally renowned player in the field of radiation protection and dosimetry research. SCK•CEN is also one of the most important suppliers of medical radio isotopes, worldwide. 

DoseVue started working on a long term technology for non-invasive in-vivo dosimetry and is actually collaborating and doing active scientific research and development with several academic partners to further progress in this field. 

In the past years DoseVue has started developing an entire portfolio of non-invasive and minimally invasive technologies for in-vivo dosimetry and a new product line dedicated to preclinical and clinical quality insurance. Products are already present on the market.

All these technologies are protected by proprietary intellectual property.